I get asked all the time why I write.
First of all, I have to clarify, I type...lol. My paws work better on a keyboard than with a pencil. ;)

The reason I write. 
I had to start letting off steam somewhere, somehow.  When this precious little bark-box  I dubbed "Princess Annabelle" came into my life, everything changed.  I guess you could say she brought out the best in me.  You could say that.  Anyway - if you're trying to catch up on the Who, What, Where and When....she is part of the "Who."  (And not the rock band.)

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These People I Live with are CRAZY

I’ve told you all about this before, but I thought I would enlighten you some more this month.

The lady that lives here has been on a varmint catching spree. Remember there is a difference between varmints and critters. (I’m a critter....FYI.) Well the lady has been on a mad spree of catching the varmints that keep stealing eggs and harassing the chickens. (Although the lady has been known to harass a few chickens in her day...see picture.) She has become quite the catcher of opossums. I think shes up to four this week!

It’s hilarious to watch her and the girl acting like they are big hunters and yelling “Yee Yee!” You’d think they have their own television series. If only I knew how to set up a YouTube account, I could probably go viral with all the crazies around here.

I just take it all in and wonder what other dogs do for entertainment. I mean, we’ve got opossum catchers, donkey trainers, chicken whisperers and horse collectors all living on this farm. These crazy people keep me entertained all day, every day. What have you got, city dog?

Maybe I’ll look into that YouTube channel. In the meantime, check out this page to keep up. The address is:
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My cleverness has caught up with me and bit me in the booty. I thought I was being sly and capitalizing on the people thinking I was losing my hearing....well, they decided that in order to keep track of me, I should wear a bell for them to hear.

I did not think this through and now I am paying for it. I now have an annoying ringa-ding-ding with me

Well played, humans, well played.

Until next month, it’s a miracle...do you think they’ll buy into my miraculous ability to hear again? (maybe?)

Jingle Bella


The older I get, the more I am able to use my age to my advantage. You see, when the people call my name for anything I don’t particularly care to acknowledge, I just pretend like I can’t hear them.

They really are buying into me losing my hearing. It’s kind of nice to be honest. No offense to the puppers out there who do have a hard time hearing...I am glad I can still hear the wrapper coming off of a piece of cheese or the door opening when I want in (or out.)

Let’s hope they don’t catch on too soon!
What was that?